5 Tips for Using China Social Media to Maximize Your WeChat Marketing

WeChat Marketing

Whether you are a small business or a multinational corporation, there are plenty of opportunities for WeChat Marketing. From promoting products and services to building brand awareness and boosting customer service, WeChat is a powerful tool for reaching your target audience. Listed below are five tips for maximizing your WeChat Marketing. Let’s get started! Before you get started with WeChat marketing, make sure you understand the platform well.

Video content. This type of content is in high demand now. Videos are a must-have in 2021. Every social media platform has video content. Kuaishou and Douyin, which are similar to YouTube, have over 150 million monthly active users. Louis Vuitton showcases short videos of their FW 2020 event on WeChat Channels. Many celebrities have registered verified video accounts. In order to take advantage of the potential of WeChat Marketing, you must understand the platform’s features and limitations.

WeChat features a powerful location-based feature. If you’re in an area where potential customers frequent, your WeChat account may provide relevant content to help them find your business. You can even use location-based features like the “Shake,” “Look Around,” or “Drift Bottle” to leverage location information. For example, discount chain EMart created a 3-D sculpture that revealed a hidden QR code that brought WeChat users to their official account. High-quality content is an essential part of a WeChat account. Content should be useful and informative. A consistent and relevant stream of content will draw new followers. In January 2019, WeChat underwent a massive update. This update introduced stories and a new “time capsule” feature similar to Instagram and Snapchat.

In addition to the new native content, WeChat also allows brands to create campaigns, use native advertising, and engage consumers. Use WeChat QR codes on collateral and maps. Chinese consumers can scan these codes to access a brand’s content and services. With WeChat’s mini-programs, brands can capture fragmented mobile time and build a stronger Brand/Consumer relationship. In addition, WeChat allows brands to publish original content and share them with followers via WeChat.

WeChat KOLs are high-profile accounts with millions of followers. Brands can contact WeChat KOLs by searching for them online or through marketing agencies. Content preparation and content confirmation are important elements in the process. In return for WeChat KOLs’ endorsement, brands can pay a fee for their posts. WeChat KOLs can also become famous. Becky Li became famous after selling 100 Mini Coopers in 5 minutes.

WeChat advertising can be an effective way to get followers in the early stages, but it’s vital to continue producing good content even after the campaign ends. For verified accounts, WeChat offers three advertising formats – Moments Ads, Account Ads, and KOL Ads. However, these three methods may not be appropriate for all brands. You should choose the one that suits your business best. And remember to stay loyal to your followers!